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Book About Wedding Planning

If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, you are going to have to purchase a book about wedding planning. How do you choose the right one? What features does a good wedding planning book have? What is the couple seeking? There are certain things to look for and this article will show you.

The binding of the book is an important factor to consider. You will be using the book frequently, turning pages often. This means that the book can wear down quickly if it is a regularly bound book. It is best to look for a book with spiral binding so it can handle the heavy use.

Binder books are another option. Like a three ring binder, you can add and remove pages easily. That’s a feature that can come in handy, but sometimes pages can get ripped out.

Some books focus on general wedding planning. Other books detail steps more closely and are more intricate. You will also find books with suggestions for the form your wedding can take and what types of entertainment and

Few Important Things About Wedding

Nowadays, many couples consider a wedding ceremony as the ultimate ritual to solemnize their relationship. Moreover, as wedding is one of the most important events in an individual’s life, selecting the perfect and the best wedding function venues can be a daunting task for several brides and grooms who are planning their weddings to be the most intimate and greatest of all occasions.

These days, many wedding venues offer several amenities including other facilities for marriage ceremony venue and reception. If you have a good budget, you can select the most elegant and expensive venue for your wedding day.

Moreover, for more exciting and intimate wedding ceremony, you can choose a destination outside the country. It is one of the most important milestones of your life. As this is one of the most special occasions of your life, you do not have to settle for a dull and boring wedding venue.

While selecting a wedding ceremony venue, you must keep in mind the most important criteria- entertainment, food and convenient location. These features are responsible for making your wedding function enjoyable and successful. A properly planned wedding

All About Weddings

When it comes to your wedding plans, covering all the possibilities available may seem like a daunting task. In fact, listing all the different possibilities could not be done in an article which would include the size, scope, budget, location, bride and groom choices, themes and all the other aspects that fall under what weddings can be.

However, there are basic ways to break down the different parts of the wedding so that you can plan for each one of them.

– Size: How many guests do you want to have at your wedding

– Style: Classic, elegant, simple, and more

– Location: In a church, outdoors, or other venue

– Budget: Weddings can cost from a couple of hundred to tens of thousands dollars and more

In addition, there are the colors, themes, music and other aspects that reflect the personality and style of the happy couple.

It is important to remember that the wedding is not just a single-day event, but one that really starts when the invitations are set out, the bridal shower, dinner or reception and more that happens

Planning a Wedding? DIY Wedding Planning Vs Professional Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners

We all know wedding planning is no less than a herculean task. A huge number of resources, efforts, expertise, and manpower are needed to make a wedding function stellar and remembered till ages. It’s because of the lack of time and difficulty of the task; most of the couples prefer to hire professional wedding planners. While there are some couples who think they can plan and manage their wedding way better than a wedding planner.

This all-inclusive post is an anatomy of what happens when you choose to plan your wedding Vs when your hire leading wedding planners in Bangalore for the wedding planning job.

1.    Management

You – In case of DIY wedding planning, you are the one who is responsible for each and every aspect of wedding planning. From selecting the wedding venue to finding choreographer, wedding photographer, catering, decorator, you have to deal with multiple vendors and ensure everyone’s working according to your expectations. When you are planning a wedding on your own, you can’t rely much on others.

Wedding Planner – With a wedding planner on your side, you have all

100 Words About Weddings

100 WORDS ABOUT WEDDINGS – THE ARTISTRY OF ALEIT, is an indulgence for all who appreciate the finer things in life, especially those in search of exceptional and exclusive wedding inspiration.

This magnificent coffee-table publication features the genius of Aleit, South Africa’s most distinguished wedding coordinator, as he and his team plan and executes lavish and unforgettable wedding celebrations. Specialist photographers Joe Dreyer and Jean-Pierre Uys showcase actual weddings – creating a complete overview in timeless, classic design. A comprehensive planning summary, from South Africa’s finest service providers, ensures that your dream day becomes a breathtaking reality. 100 WORDS ABOUT WEDDINGS is the ultimate guide to help you design your own wedding and have fun doing it.

100 WORDS ABOUT WEDDINGS was written to help you create the perfect wedding, as simply as possible. The three most important facets of wedding design today are simplicity, personalization and enjoyment. The book highlights these vital elements with stunning photographs and detailed descriptions to give couples inspiration for their own celebration. It demonstrates how to make each venue extraordinary, creating unifying themes using colour, decor and personal touches.

A comprehensive planning summary by a group of Aleit’s finest

All About Wedding Chair Cover Rental

If you thought all you needed to do for a wedding was to make sure you had plenty of chairs for the reception, think again. Long gone are the days where plain old ordinary chairs were good enough. Now, you need the appropriate chair covers to match the mood. Here’s what you need to know about wedding chair cover rental companies.

You have many options as to where to look to start researching rental companies. Most local party supply stores can arrange for the chairs and the covers as well. Many will even have some on the show room floor to show you your choices.

Also check out companies that do the party planning, not just sell and rent supplies. If you choose to hire a company like this you may also be able to get professional design advice as to what type of covers and designs might be best suited for your particular wedding needs. Not all weddings need white covers with bows!

Certain covers will only fit certain chairs, and if you are looking for chair covers online, you need to make certain you are ordering the right ones. Typical rental chairs are

All About Wedding Event Planning

If you are in charge of being the event planning specialist for a wedding reception, wedding rehearsal, or something else that goes along with being involved with the wedding then chances are that you know it is a huge responsibility. Not only are the bride and the groom counting on you to make sure that every aspect of their wedding reception goes smoothly, but all of your event planning skills are being relied upon for the success of the whole event! Even though not many people will realize if a specific faux pax is made on your part throughout the reception or wedding event because it may be so small in nature, chances are that you realized that you have messed up. Here are some things about wedding event planning that you should know about in order to create the perfect wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, and coordinating the cleanup efforts afterwards as well!

The Bride and the Groom

Even though the person charged with event planning for the wedding reception or the rehearsal dinner may feel overwhelmed at the great responsibility that he or she has, an important thing for the event planner to realize is

Why Not to Worry About Wedding

Wedding myths go back many years. Most people may have no idea where they come from. Many are passed down from generation to generation. They actually mean very little today. Here are a few superstitions, and reasons why not to worry about wedding myths.

Wearing white

It is often said that only a virgin should wear white. This does not have to be adhered to. Many brides have lovely ceremonies that turn out beautiful. It has nothing to do with their sexual practices. In fact, this should be of little concern. If the bride wants white, she should wear white. This is especially true, if it is a first wedding for the bride. However, there are no rules about subsequent weddings either.

Years ago this belief may have had purpose. It was very important to remain pure before weddings. A white dress would assure everyone that the bride was a good girl.

Not seeing the bride

This belief is often adhered to. The groom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding. That is, until the ceremony begins. This belief may have some premise in the past. Perhaps

Everything You Need to know About Wedding

Your invitation is the first formal announcement of your wedding to your friends, family and loved ones. As with most first impressions, you would want your invitation to stand for a wedding that promises to be a truly momentous event. Wedding invitations generally follow the theme of the wedding itself – if you’re having a traditional, white wedding, your invitation should be traditional and formal as well. If you’re having a more informal ceremony, a more contemporary invitation is appropriate.

The style of invitation gives your guests an idea what your wedding will look like even before they read the details. Most wedding invitations are set in ecru colored paper, you may accentuate the invitation with your wedding motif, coloring borders or fonts with the same color as your wedding décor. If you’re having a garden wedding, insert baby’s breath in the envelope ribbons or, for a beach wedding, emboss with a starfish seal you can find in crafts shops.

Traditional invitations use calligraphy or elegant script fonts, while contemporary invitations, especially for semi-formal and party wedding celebrations, can be done in any fashion you please. You could also have a photo of you as a

All About Wedding Favors and Wedding

A wedding is a great occasion when friends and family members come together to celebrate the union of two people committed to each other. During the occasion, everyone is focused on the bride and groom. When the ceremony ends, every one leaves to go back to their homes and in many cases that is the end of the day. As the bride and groom, it is always good to take the time to thank the guests who took time away from their busy schedules to grace your occasion. Wedding favors are gifts or tokens of appreciation given to the guests at the end of the ceremony. These wedding favors should be chosen based on the theme of the wedding and your relationship with the guest.

Also known as wedding guest favors, these gifts have become part of the wedding reception planning. Deciding on which favors to give is not a difficult task. Wedding guest favors reflect on the personality of the bride and groom therefore if you are a simple person, try homemade gifts. Different cultures have different traditional favors that they use, therefore decide on whether you would like to follow culture or use modern ideas.

All About Wedding Planning

Wedding is a great turning point in the life of a person, and an occasion to celebrate and cheer the marital bliss. At the same time, it is an event of ostentations and to show opulence. The occasion of wedding holds great significance in all the societies of the world.

The people of the royal county of Berkshire are famous to have weddings like royals. There are many wedding consultants and offices of wedding planners in the area of Berkshire. These professionals can make your wedding a luxurious one as they offer best matrimonial services. The charges of these people depend upon the services and different wedding packages you acquire.

These wedding planners are skillful and listen to the creative ideas and desires of their client. The matrimonial services they offer include catering, concept & theme, tenting & Décor, entertainment and music, hair & makeup professionals, invitation design, lighting, menu selection, out of town guest lodging, photography and movie making service, venue selection, serving staff, and transportation. In short, they have everything that can make your wedding a fairytale wedding and perfect in every way. Throughout the preparation, they remain in contact with you and give

Know More About Wedding

Wedding stationary sets should show that you have exactly the same style as the actual wedding itself. Casual invites are essential if you have an informal wedding. If you will have a beach wedding then this should be coordinated with the wedding invites. The rationale for this is to provide your guests an idea of the things they could expect at the wedding celebration. Many things could be said from something as simple as a plain, white wedding invitation.

You can budget a lot of money by doing a bit of research. If you want good quality wedding invites at a great price, then go shopping online. So when you order your invitations, be sure to order extra in case you have last minute attendees to invite. Additionally, you’ll want to keep several as souvenirs for your own sake. Remember to make sure all of the spelling and the date, time, and locations are correct before actually putting your order.

Buy your wedding invitation as soon as you have the wedding date, time and wedding ceremony and reception locations reserved. You need to supply the printer time to print the invitations and inform development to you.

Things to Know About Wedding

Wedding favor tags are often used for several reasons, one of those is tags add a personal touch on the favors and enhance the overall appearance of the souvenirs. A personalized wedding favor can make a special keepsake of the wedding. For some instances, tags help identify what the favors really are, like whether they are seed packets, tea sachets, scented soap, scented candles, etc. Most couples prefer tags that fit the theme of their wedding. Chances are, they will have the tags be customized according to the theme they want for their wedding day.

Wedding favor tags are commonly made from special paper or mini note cards. These are usually the least inexpensive options, although the may still vary depending on the next step you want to do like embossing or adding special designs. Other than those materials, wedding favor tags may also come in the form of vellum, stiff cloth, ribbon, customized foils, adhesive backed paper, sticker, and labels.

When you are choosing tags for your wedding favors, look for the choices that will partly determine the favors you want to use and give out. For example, if you opt to have small tins

Different Facts About Wedding Favors

Giving wedding favors to the wedding guests has been an old tradition dated back during the time of European aristocrats. Early wedding favors usually come in small, simple boxes and were made of different materials of various kinds, and usually contain sweet treats of some kind. The entire gesture symbolizes appreciation towards guests who shared their precious time to celebrate the marriage couple.

Whether you are planning for a formal or less formal wedding, you are sure to find an endless variety of wedding favors to choose from. A good choice of favor should be according to the type of wedding you are planning to have, as well as reflects both you and your spouse’s personality. For example, if you are planning a formal or conventional wedding, then you need to choose wedding favors accordingly. You may consider items that involves delightfully handmade tulle or organza favor boxes containing edible treats such as colored jelly beans, candies, mints and coated almonds. Edible treats can be formed or molded with a wedding theme, such bell-like shaped or wedding cake-like shaped chocolate or cookie wedding favors.

Unlike before that you can’t easily find unique wedding favors, many stores

Answers About Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a very daunting task. What with time constraints and budget concerns, some couples choose to leave some of the more important aspects out of their wedding completely. Photography should not be one of them.

In this article, we will address some basic topics on wedding photography that every couple should know when planning their special day.

How far in advance should I book a photographer for my wedding?

Many photographers recommend booking a photographer as soon as you get engaged, or at least until you know the wedding date. It is suggested that the engaged couple book 8-12 months in advance because many studios book wedding dates quickly.

Weddings are more prominent from May to October when the weather is most favorable. If you choose to hold your wedding within this period, the photographer you choose will likely require a non-refundable deposit or retainer fee to hold your wedding date.

This ensures that you will have this studio or photographer on your desired date, as well as securing a job for your photographer. The sooner you book your photographer, the more likely you are to be able to

Questions and Answers About Wedding

Q: Are there any types of creative wedding favors that I can make myself?

A: With a little bit of ingenuity and a few helping hands, making your own wedding favors are an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your wedding day. If your guest list is on the large side, you may want to enlist the help of friends and family as well as the bridal party to make things a little easier. Visit your local craft stores or explore the internet for a host of ideas and then think of this time as a chance to unwind in good company while creating your beautiful and unique favors.

A few simple ideas for inexpensive, do-it-yourself favors are cookies in a jar tied with a like-colored ribbons, or mason jars filled with homemade preserves along with personalized labels that are easy enough to make at home using a computer and a color printer.

Q: Are there any small but unique items that I can give to my guests as wedding favors?

A: You’re only limited by your own imagination, especially if you’re having a theme wedding, when it comes to ideas for

What You Should Know About Wedding

Nowadays, a wedding reception is a well-structured ceremony, which historically contains greeting and blessing of a newly married couple and reciprocal expressions of gratitude in the form of wedding speeches. Traditionally, there are three generally accepted types of wedding speeches: father of the bride’s speech, the bridegroom’s speech and finally the best man’s speech. In fact, no other speeches are obligatory, but nowadays there are no dogmatic regulation in any sphere of human activities and wedding ceremony becomes increasingly liberal and includes numerous “irregular” activities. New wedding speakers have emerged as a result and new approaches to designing a wedding speech are created under the influence of star weddings and films.

There are several different types of wedding speeches that can take place during the wedding reception:

o The Best Man: The speech of the Best Man is often longer and more formal than any of the other speeches. It often ends with an invitation for guests to join the Best Man in a toast. However, the speeches of Best Man vary widely from wedding to wedding.
o The Maid of Honor: The Maid of Honor is often expected to give a speech after the Best

About Wedding Entertainment

Professional wedding entertainers know that there are many false beliefs about what is needed (or not) to create a successful party atmosphere at your reception. Let’s debunk a few of the more common misconceptions about wedding entertainment…

1. Any DJ will do. This is like saying any dress will do, or any photographer, etc. Hiring the best wedding entertainer is important when your party’s ambiance, energy and success depend on his ability to be a great emcee, coordinator, DJ, and predictor of an audience’s mood & tastes. A great wedding DJ constantly thinks on his feet and is able to provide the best music for the moment, has a professional attitude and offers years of experience entertaining at weddings.

2. Hire a friend to DJ your wedding. Friends don’t let friends hire them to DJ their wedding! Unless he is a professional wedding DJ, a friend will be more inclined to participate in your party than work to make the evening fun for others. If you hire a friend, it’s important to have a signed contract for services stipulating his arrival, setup and departure times; appropriate attire; responsibilities as a DJ; which songs to play; how

Do You Have Any Idea About Wedding

Organizing invitation will be very exciting, particularly if you need to make the good wedding reception invitation wording as well. It is required if you plan to hold the reception at the different place as the ceremony. Holding at the same place, you can simply include the information in the bottom of the invitation. Can you arrange the good wedding reception invitation wording? In this case, it is probable for you to use the wording if ceremony and reception are held in a friend’s home. Here are the tips of wording for any situation.

Different Venue, Different Wording

The good wedding reception invitation wording will be excellent in giving the direction to the guests about where they need to go, since the wedding ceremony takes place at the same venue as the reception. Commonly, these invitations are on a separate card that is included with the actual wedding invitation, if the reception will take place soon following the service.

Besides, you can also add a response card that enables guests to easily RSVP and gives you a proper head count to plan for at your celebration.

What about the Reception at a Different Time?

Debunking Six Myths About Wedding

Six Myths Still Circulating about Wedding Rings

People get misty-eyed when they see an impromptu proposal take place. There’s something special about engagements and weddings that makes people happy. You may notice even young children stopping to look at the display of wedding rings in the mall or online sites. What types of myths surround these lovely circles of love and is there any credence to the legends?

Avoid Shopping for Rings on Friday

Friday happens to be one of the most convenient days to go shopping. It symbolizes payday, the end of the workweek and the day that stores stay open later. What better time for a couple to shop for wedding or engagement rings? One myth suggests to look for the symbols of your love on any other day of the week, because Friday is considered an unlucky day. Perhaps it is a reflection of Friday the 13th.

Unresolved: Marriages certainly have their good and bad moments. It would be a shame to blame any problems on a Friday choice of rings. Choose Saturday through Thursday to go shopping and put any concern to rest.

Bigger is Better

A large