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About Wedding Entertainment

Professional wedding entertainers know that there are many false beliefs about what is needed (or not) to create a successful party atmosphere at your reception. Let’s debunk a few of the more common misconceptions about wedding entertainment…

1. Any DJ will do. This is like saying any dress will do, or any photographer, etc. Hiring the best wedding entertainer is important when your party’s ambiance, energy and success depend on his ability to be a great emcee, coordinator, DJ, and predictor of an audience’s mood & tastes. A great wedding DJ constantly thinks on his feet and is able to provide the best music for the moment, has a professional attitude and offers years of experience entertaining at weddings.

2. Hire a friend to DJ your wedding. Friends don’t let friends hire them to DJ their wedding! Unless he is a professional wedding DJ, a friend will be more inclined to participate in your party than work to make the evening fun for others. If you hire a friend, it’s important to have a signed contract for services stipulating his arrival, setup and departure times; appropriate attire; responsibilities as a DJ; which songs to play; how much drink he may enjoy (none, preferably!); and many other details that only a professional can anticipate.

3. A band is better than a DJ. 20 years ago, a band was the preferred wedding entertainment choice. Not any more! A band needs extra time to set up, requires time between songs to tune, will take several breaks and they cost a lot more than a DJ. Plus, people like to dance to familiar music. Hire a cover band and it’s still not the original, recorded versions of the music. A great DJ will have a repertoire of 78,000+/- songs to enable him to switch between music genres…or stop in the middle of a song that isn’t working. A wedding DJ is a better Master of Ceremonies because he works closely with the bride and groom; knows their timeline; and coordinates the night’s events with other vendors in attendance. Most wedding bands say they will do this, but often fall short of the mark on your wedding day.

4. An iPod works just as well as a DJ. This is the one misconception that could ruin more weddings than any other. This “craze” will quickly disappear once enough people witness first-hand how bad of an idea this is. See if your iPod can do what a professional wedding DJ does for you:

o Plays just the right song at just the right time

o Plays requests

o Knows the best songs from any genre

o Makes announcements for you

o Acts as wedding coordinator

o Gets people at your party involved

o Supplies the music, sound equipment and lighting

5. Don’t play new music until the older people leave. First off, this will frustrate your younger guests. Plus, “older” people today were around during the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s. They lived through the counter-cultural revolution of the sixties. They won’t leave your party unless you forget to play songs from their era, too. An experienced wedding DJ keeps everyone happy by spinning a mix of music he knows will appeal to all generations. Additionally, great DJs will keep the volume of the music at a reasonable level, so all guests can enjoy conversation.

6. We need a “party motivator”. Games and gimmicks aren’t time worn, but they have worn out their welcome. There’s no need to put on silly costumes, throw around inflatable toys or drag unwilling participants to your dance floor in order to crank up the party. Experienced wedding entertainers know how to motivate your guests to participate without being cheesy or obnoxious — by spinning great music in a way that’s classy and fun.

7. I don’t want “typical” wedding music. “Typical” wedding songs are often played at weddings for a reason… people like them! Such standards will energize your guests and will get them on the dance floor. If there are certain songs you simply refuse to include, that’s fine…but don’t take too many tried-and-true dance songs off your play list. Believe it or not, someone that you invited will be waiting to hear “Celebration” (it’s true!). The bottom line is that some groups will dance to more traditional music than others; so give your DJ the flexibility to play the best songs for your party.

8. You “have to” play the Chicken Dance, (and other cheesy songs). Not true! The Macarena, Chicken Dance, Hokey-Pokey and other cheesy songs don’t have to be played at your wedding in order for it to be fun. In fact, it is rare that a great DJ will play these without it being a request from the bride or groom

Do You Have Any Idea About Wedding

Organizing invitation will be very exciting, particularly if you need to make the good wedding reception invitation wording as well. It is required if you plan to hold the reception at the different place as the ceremony. Holding at the same place, you can simply include the information in the bottom of the invitation. Can you arrange the good wedding reception invitation wording? In this case, it is probable for you to use the wording if ceremony and reception are held in a friend’s home. Here are the tips of wording for any situation.

Different Venue, Different Wording

The good wedding reception invitation wording will be excellent in giving the direction to the guests about where they need to go, since the wedding ceremony takes place at the same venue as the reception. Commonly, these invitations are on a separate card that is included with the actual wedding invitation, if the reception will take place soon following the service.

Besides, you can also add a response card that enables guests to easily RSVP and gives you a proper head count to plan for at your celebration.

What about the Reception at a Different Time?

The private and quiet ceremony is preferable for several couples. And then, they will hold a larger reception later for all of their family and friends. At that condition, the right wedding reception invitation wording will allow guests recognize that the wedding has already taken place, and this event will be a part of what has happened.

Lastly, it is very great and beneficial in offering the inclusive information to the guests about everything concerning the reception. Please remember that reception can be awkward at times. You will be happy of seeing everybody attend to your great party in your lifetime with a perfect performance, right?

Debunking Six Myths About Wedding

Six Myths Still Circulating about Wedding Rings

People get misty-eyed when they see an impromptu proposal take place. There’s something special about engagements and weddings that makes people happy. You may notice even young children stopping to look at the display of wedding rings in the mall or online sites. What types of myths surround these lovely circles of love and is there any credence to the legends?

Avoid Shopping for Rings on Friday

Friday happens to be one of the most convenient days to go shopping. It symbolizes payday, the end of the workweek and the day that stores stay open later. What better time for a couple to shop for wedding or engagement rings? One myth suggests to look for the symbols of your love on any other day of the week, because Friday is considered an unlucky day. Perhaps it is a reflection of Friday the 13th.

Unresolved: Marriages certainly have their good and bad moments. It would be a shame to blame any problems on a Friday choice of rings. Choose Saturday through Thursday to go shopping and put any concern to rest.

Bigger is Better

A large diamond or other type of gem certainly draws a lot of attention. People rave about the ring and turn a person’s hand this way and that to see the jewel capture and refract the light. Is bigger really better?

Busted: The size of the stone is not the most important thing. Above all, the ring should suit the recipient’s lifestyle. What does the future bride like in the way of jewelry? It is a lot luckier to pick a ring with a gold band if that is what she likes because it shows the future groom has taken time to notice what she wears and prefers.

More than One Type of Stone Brings Trouble

Choose one particular type of gem for the rings and stay with it to avoid trouble in your marriage.

Busted: Mix and match opals with diamonds, sapphires with bezel and emeralds with tanzanite. If the bride will be wearing this ring day and night for the next 60 years or so, make it special to make the marriage last. This superstition may have started because jewels require different methods of cleaning and replacement.

Trading Up Is Bad Luck

Exchanging rings for an upgraded set will bring about the failure of your marriage.

Busted: Think about it. Many people marry before they have the money saved up to buy the set they really want to give. If you are trading up, it means the two of you have stuck together through good and bad times. This myth probably extends from the legend that taking off your wedding ring meant destroying the protection from evil spirits. Rejoice in the knowledge you are planning to continue your life together. That’s good luck!

Certain Stones Create Happy Marriages

Legend has it that including aquamarines or sapphires in the wedding set brings joy and a lasting marriage.

Busted: Getting your future wife or husband a ring with their favorite stone is a good step to the success of your marriage.

Gold is the Answer

Bad luck befalls the marriage secured with the exchange of rings not made from gold. Are sterling silver and platinum truly indicative of failed marriages?

Busted: Gold is beautiful and it has value. The Romans used iron to create wedding bands because it stood for strength. As mentioned above, select what your loved one favors to invite a lifetime of marital bliss.

May Not Know About Wedding Showers

The tradition of the wedding shower has been around for centuries. And as long as we still have weddings, there’s little doubt the tradition of “showering” the bride and groom with gifts will continue – and thank goodness for this! How dreary a world it’d be without happy times like wedding showers to express our affection for those we love and wish well. But as you know, the “rules” of traditions change – sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically – over time. So here’s a little primer on the latest on the tradition of the wedding shower – at least as it stands for the time being.

Who’s the Host and Who Can Come?

For eons, it seemed, it was considered in very bad taste for any immediate relative of the bride or groom’s family to host a wedding shower. No longer does that old rule exist. Nowadays, anyone – sisters, aunts, moms, grandmothers, and female cousins included – can host a shower without fear of being frowned upon.

Despite what you may have read, heard, or witnessed, it is never appropriate to invite guests to attend a wedding shower if you do not plan on inviting them to the actual wedding itself. Although some people may consider it entirely all right to do this, you may find yourself with a lot of hurt feelings on your hands if you decide to invite your next-door neighbor to a shower you’re hosting only to leave them off the “A” list of the wedding invitations.

Timing and Distance Issues

Another essential, never-do no-no is to not invite someone just because they live too far away to attend the wedding shower. If a person cares about the couple, it doesn’t matter if they can’t make it to the party or to the wedding. An invitation should be sent anyway to let them know their presence is wanted, even if it can’t be realized. Otherwise, the person you’ve neglected will feel mightily shunned and infer that their friendship is no longer needed or wanted – and all because they’ve simply moved out of the area.

When wedding shower invitations should be sent is one tradition that has changed over the years. Due to the change in our ability to be mobile – airplanes, cars, trains, etc. – it’s no longer necessary as it was a hundred years ago to send invitations six months in advance of the party. Do give your guests at least a month, preferably six weeks, however, so they may make adjustments to busy schedules, if necessary.

Forget About E-Mail

And another thing about wedding shower invitations: Don’t ever think you can’t save money or take shortcuts my sending them by e-mail. Although some people may do this, it’s not considered at all in good taste even for the most casual of shower venues. Invitees may feel insulted that although they’re expected to make or purchase a gift, the host of the party is too cheap to spend money on stationery and stamps. So no matter how crunched for time or energy you may be, do whatever it takes to send appropriate shower invitations by the good old-fashioned U.S. mail.