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Why Not to Worry About Wedding

Wedding myths go back many years. Most people may have no idea where they come from. Many are passed down from generation to generation. They actually mean very little today. Here are a few superstitions, and reasons why not to worry about wedding myths.

Wearing white

It is often said that only a virgin should wear white. This does not have to be adhered to. Many brides have lovely ceremonies that turn out beautiful. It has nothing to do with their sexual practices. In fact, this should be of little concern. If the bride wants white, she should wear white. This is especially true, if it is a first wedding for the bride. However, there are no rules about subsequent weddings either.

Years ago this belief may have had purpose. It was very important to remain pure before weddings. A white dress would assure everyone that the bride was a good girl.

Not seeing the bride

This belief is often adhered to. The groom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding. That is, until the ceremony begins. This belief may have some premise in the past. Perhaps one person had an unlucky experience after seeing his bride.

Bride’s parents have to pay

This is an often believed thing too. There is no set rule about the parents of the bride paying for the wedding. This probably goes back in time a long ways. The father of the bride is expected to provide a dowry for his daughter. Perhaps they are anxious to have a new son-in-law. Maybe they are willing to pay for the honor. A son can help with the family business or farm. They are still considered valuable in many cultures.

In primitive societies, arranged marriages and dowries are still openly practiced. It is not uncommon for parents to pay huge sums. This may include livestock and land. However, in a civilized society, this is not necessary. The best thing to do, is split the cost. If one family can better afford the ceremony, that is a good rule to follow.

Crying brides

It is supposed to be good luck for brides to cry at their wedding. Supposedly the tears will take away the need for tears in the marriage. It may also be to bring rain. This may go back to ancient times, where children are sacrificed. Their tears are supposed to bring rain. This may be a good tradition to avoid.

Wearing black

People are not supposed to wear black to weddings. This may have come about from many June weddings in the past. Black is uncomfortable in warmer weather. In the past where there is no air conditioning, this rule makes sense. However, there is little reason to be concerned about it.

Many of these beliefs are simply superstitions. However, you may not wish to offend the bride or groom. In that case, traditions and superstitions are a good thing to adhere to.

Book About Wedding Planning

If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, you are going to have to purchase a book about wedding planning. How do you choose the right one? What features does a good wedding planning book have? What is the couple seeking? There are certain things to look for and this article will show you.

The binding of the book is an important factor to consider. You will be using the book frequently, turning pages often. This means that the book can wear down quickly if it is a regularly bound book. It is best to look for a book with spiral binding so it can handle the heavy use.

Binder books are another option. Like a three ring binder, you can add and remove pages easily. That’s a feature that can come in handy, but sometimes pages can get ripped out.

Some books focus on general wedding planning. Other books detail steps more closely and are more intricate. You will also find books with suggestions for the form your wedding can take and what types of entertainment and catering you can include.

You might already know what you want the wedding to be like and how you want to plan it. In that case, choose a general guide. On the other hand, you could be clueless and not even know where to start so select a very detailed wedding book. Remember, it is up to you what content the book offers.

The whole point of using the book is to keep things organized. Certain books offer space for you to write entries and lists, allowing you to add details about caterers, performers, guests, and other specifics. This will give you a more interactive experience for planning your wedding.

You want a book that motivates your purposes and gives you focus so you can solve problems and transcend obstacles. A good wedding planning book offers you worksheets to help you through some of the more difficult decisions.

Everything You Need to know About Wedding

Your invitation is the first formal announcement of your wedding to your friends, family and loved ones. As with most first impressions, you would want your invitation to stand for a wedding that promises to be a truly momentous event. Wedding invitations generally follow the theme of the wedding itself – if you’re having a traditional, white wedding, your invitation should be traditional and formal as well. If you’re having a more informal ceremony, a more contemporary invitation is appropriate.

The style of invitation gives your guests an idea what your wedding will look like even before they read the details. Most wedding invitations are set in ecru colored paper, you may accentuate the invitation with your wedding motif, coloring borders or fonts with the same color as your wedding décor. If you’re having a garden wedding, insert baby’s breath in the envelope ribbons or, for a beach wedding, emboss with a starfish seal you can find in crafts shops.

Traditional invitations use calligraphy or elegant script fonts, while contemporary invitations, especially for semi-formal and party wedding celebrations, can be done in any fashion you please. You could also have a photo of you as a couple printed on the invitation, which many guests have come to find charming. Also based on whether your invitation is traditional or more contemporary, the wording on your invitation should follow accordingly.

Traditionally, whoever hosts or pays for the wedding are always found at the top of the invitation. If both sets of parents contributed to the wedding expenses, both sets’ names should appear, usually with the bride’s parents above the groom’s. If only one set is hosting the wedding, it is just right that only their names appear at the top of the invitation. The parents are identified by the introduction of their children, such as if the bride’s parents are hosting, they’re inviting you to the wedding of their daughter to the daughter’s fiancé. Both sets of parents are inviting you to the wedding of the bride and the groom.

When only the groom’s parents are hosting, they are inviting you to the wedding of the bride to their son. When the hosting parents of the bride are divorced and remarried, it is proper to include their spouses in the presentation; or when even one remarried parent hosts the wedding, the parent’s name is written out with their new spouse, introducing the bride as “Mrs. Husband’s-surname’s daughter,” for courtesy. A divorced mother who has not yet remarried may appear on the invitation alone, with her maiden name and married name, or simply just her maiden name, as she prefers. If neither divorced parent has remarried, but agree to co-host the wedding, their names are separated by an “and.”

Choose and order your invitations around four to six months before your wedding day, even earlier if you plan to make them by hand. Wedding envelopes are addressed by hand, and there is no exception to this rule. Invitations must be sent out six to eight weeks before your wedding. Any later than a month before your wedding may hurt or offend your guests. Likewise, you don’t want them out too early, either. The period spent waiting for RSVPs may seem a while, but you won’t even notice. Next thing you know, you’re walking down the aisle in front of all the people who happily received your well-planned invitation.

All About Wedding Favors and Wedding

A wedding is a great occasion when friends and family members come together to celebrate the union of two people committed to each other. During the occasion, everyone is focused on the bride and groom. When the ceremony ends, every one leaves to go back to their homes and in many cases that is the end of the day. As the bride and groom, it is always good to take the time to thank the guests who took time away from their busy schedules to grace your occasion. Wedding favors are gifts or tokens of appreciation given to the guests at the end of the ceremony. These wedding favors should be chosen based on the theme of the wedding and your relationship with the guest.

Also known as wedding guest favors, these gifts have become part of the wedding reception planning. Deciding on which favors to give is not a difficult task. Wedding guest favors reflect on the personality of the bride and groom therefore if you are a simple person, try homemade gifts. Different cultures have different traditional favors that they use, therefore decide on whether you would like to follow culture or use modern ideas.

The distribution of wedding favors started thousands of years ago. It has been said that ever since the 16th century, brides and grooms have been giving favors to their guests. Despite the different cultures we have today, there are similarities. For example, it is common in many cultures to offer wedding guest favors that have five candles representing different wedding wishes. If you read more on the history of these favors, you will realize that back then guests were given a box, which contained sugar cubes or confections. These gifts symbolized royalty and wealth because sugar was expensive during that time.

The tradition of wedding favors has evolved and these days we see sophisticated, themed and personalized gifts. When planning on which wedding favors to give price does not need to be a problem. There are inexpensive wedding favors on the market that will definitely please the guests. One of the favors often seen at Italian weddings is Jordan almonds. These sugarcoated almonds are wrapped and ready for you to distribute. To represent the five wishes, they suggest you distribute five almond pieces to each guest. You can also give a deck of cards, seashells, bookmarks, Liquors, tree seedlings or personalized candy bars. When choosing the best ideas for favors the list is endless.

It is important to study the history of wedding guest favors to fully understand why they are given and what they symbolize. As you take part in this tradition, keep in mind that the main reason you are offering these gifts is not to show how much you have to spend but rather to remind the guest that you were happy to see them at your wedding. Everyone would like to have a memento to take home after the wedding to help them remember what a great day it was.

Few Important Things About Wedding

Nowadays, many couples consider a wedding ceremony as the ultimate ritual to solemnize their relationship. Moreover, as wedding is one of the most important events in an individual’s life, selecting the perfect and the best wedding function venues can be a daunting task for several brides and grooms who are planning their weddings to be the most intimate and greatest of all occasions.

These days, many wedding venues offer several amenities including other facilities for marriage ceremony venue and reception. If you have a good budget, you can select the most elegant and expensive venue for your wedding day.

Moreover, for more exciting and intimate wedding ceremony, you can choose a destination outside the country. It is one of the most important milestones of your life. As this is one of the most special occasions of your life, you do not have to settle for a dull and boring wedding venue.

While selecting a wedding ceremony venue, you must keep in mind the most important criteria- entertainment, food and convenient location. These features are responsible for making your wedding function enjoyable and successful. A properly planned wedding ceremony turns out to be successful and fun.

Once you know your budget, you can easily look for the location. Once the budget is decided, list out the number of invitees. Then search for the location online. Several banquet halls can accommodate a large number of people. Nowadays, outdoor wedding ceremonies are becoming popular too.

Food and music plays an equally important role just like the surroundings and decorations. Good music can make your wedding party entertaining and rocking. Guests love to dance during weddings and other events. Hiring bands and DJs is also a great idea when planning for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Refreshments and food are an essential part of any function. Generally, guests look forward to a good and delicious meal during marriage functions. If the food tastes good, guests feel satisfied too. Therefore, while choosing the wedding venue make sure to check whether they offer catering services or you have to book them on your own. If, in case, they provide catering services then check the quality of food offered. After all, it is a grand function of your life.

Check with the event manager at wedding venue the limit for serving alcohol. There is a high possibility that some of your guests mighty want to party well into the night. Verify whether you have to pay extra money for a bar extension or is it included in the package.

Nowadays, wedding venues have areas for smoking. Make sure that the wedding venue you choose has a comfortable area outside for your guests who prefer to smoke. If you are someone having a winter wedding, then ask the hotel to provide a canopy outdoors to protect the guests from chill and a heater to keep him or her warm.

All About Wedding Planning

Wedding is a great turning point in the life of a person, and an occasion to celebrate and cheer the marital bliss. At the same time, it is an event of ostentations and to show opulence. The occasion of wedding holds great significance in all the societies of the world.

The people of the royal county of Berkshire are famous to have weddings like royals. There are many wedding consultants and offices of wedding planners in the area of Berkshire. These professionals can make your wedding a luxurious one as they offer best matrimonial services. The charges of these people depend upon the services and different wedding packages you acquire.

These wedding planners are skillful and listen to the creative ideas and desires of their client. The matrimonial services they offer include catering, concept & theme, tenting & Décor, entertainment and music, hair & makeup professionals, invitation design, lighting, menu selection, out of town guest lodging, photography and movie making service, venue selection, serving staff, and transportation. In short, they have everything that can make your wedding a fairytale wedding and perfect in every way. Throughout the preparation, they remain in contact with you and give you regular budget updates. They also provide you complete assistance in wedding rehearsal.

People struggle hard to make their wedding the best in every manner. That is why, when the wedding is imminent, every member of the family gets involved in the preparation to make the event unforgettable. Without a doubt, there is a lot of work to do in a wedding.

In short, to have a luxury and fairy tale wedding, you need a lot of planning and time to get everything perfectly done. If you do not plan in advance then everything can go wrong at the eleventh hour, which is definitely enough to ruin the settings on the biggest day of your life. To have luxury and a memorable wedding, a person needs to pay attention on each and every thing.

There are many things to work on such as your wedding dress, dresses of bridesmaids and best man of groom, opting of a beautiful wedding ring, design of invitation cards, style and makeup, selection of venue, decoration theme, selection of flowers, cuisine, and arrangement of a lavish limousine car to pick and drop you to the wedding venue and many more. Thus, in a wedding, there is a long comprehensive list of things to do.

There are tasks which should be done at first place, because they require time to get done properly; like, if you want to make a wedding ring on order then it is better to contact a jeweller and finalize a ring in advance. Similarly, if the bride wants to ornament herself, she needs to make an early appointment with the beauty parlour; the selection of perfect beautician is of great importance.

Know More About Wedding

Wedding stationary sets should show that you have exactly the same style as the actual wedding itself. Casual invites are essential if you have an informal wedding. If you will have a beach wedding then this should be coordinated with the wedding invites. The rationale for this is to provide your guests an idea of the things they could expect at the wedding celebration. Many things could be said from something as simple as a plain, white wedding invitation.

You can budget a lot of money by doing a bit of research. If you want good quality wedding invites at a great price, then go shopping online. So when you order your invitations, be sure to order extra in case you have last minute attendees to invite. Additionally, you’ll want to keep several as souvenirs for your own sake. Remember to make sure all of the spelling and the date, time, and locations are correct before actually putting your order.

Buy your wedding invitation as soon as you have the wedding date, time and wedding ceremony and reception locations reserved. You need to supply the printer time to print the invitations and inform development to you. You have to give yourselves time to address the envelopes. You need to give yourselves time to fill the envelopes with the invitations and response cards.

You need to decide on other items in addition to the wedding invitations. You should determine if you want to take into account the following elements of wedding stationary: RSVP cards, return address printed on the invite and response card envelopes, directions and maps.

The wedding invitation should be distributed six to eight weeks prior to your wedding so that the guests will be given ample time to plan their trip and send in their RSVP. You need the guests’ reply to confirm with the caterer the exact headcount of your expected guests a week before the wedding. Before the eight week mark, the entire wedding stationary set should be in hand and have all information like directions and accommodations printed out. You should have the envelopes addressed. When mailing your wedding invitations to the post office you have to weigh it to discover how much postage is required per envelope. You can buy beautiful stamps for your wedding invitations. You should include postage on the response card envelopes so that your friends and family may send back their replies.

Things to Know About Wedding

Wedding favor tags are often used for several reasons, one of those is tags add a personal touch on the favors and enhance the overall appearance of the souvenirs. A personalized wedding favor can make a special keepsake of the wedding. For some instances, tags help identify what the favors really are, like whether they are seed packets, tea sachets, scented soap, scented candles, etc. Most couples prefer tags that fit the theme of their wedding. Chances are, they will have the tags be customized according to the theme they want for their wedding day.

Wedding favor tags are commonly made from special paper or mini note cards. These are usually the least inexpensive options, although the may still vary depending on the next step you want to do like embossing or adding special designs. Other than those materials, wedding favor tags may also come in the form of vellum, stiff cloth, ribbon, customized foils, adhesive backed paper, sticker, and labels.

When you are choosing tags for your wedding favors, look for the choices that will partly determine the favors you want to use and give out. For example, if you opt to have small tins of candies or candles, personalized label or stickers are perhaps the best options than others. However, if you want to use Chinese takeout boxes, then these favors might work best with small hanging tags.

Speaking of hanging tags, these types are most likely the favorite of all as they can work well with a variety of favors that couples may want for their wedding. The are versatile enough to personalize and enhance the look of a simple wedding keepsake. Hanging tags are very to affix as you may only need a silk ribbon, curling, ribbon, cotton string, lace, or raffia to hang a hole-punched little card onto the favor of your choice. Hanging tags come in almost all shapes of special paper or card, including square; rectangle, heart, circle, and so on. You can also find tags that were creatively cut to fit various wedding theme or holiday decors, such as maple leaf for fall weddings, flowers for spring or garden wedding, holiday ornaments for Christmas weddings, snowflakes for winter weddings, and many more. Hanging tags often work well with favor bags, on the handles of mini pails or buckets, Chinese takeout boxes, and favors packaged in organza or tulle.

On the other hand, if you want to include more wording to your tags, it would be best if you will use mini cards as you can print the words on both sides of the cards. You can also punch a hole on the top of the cards so you can also hang them, if that’s what you want. Again, you can use ribbons or other decorative string to affix the cards on the favors. Another option is to put the cards in envelopes that are pasted on the souvenirs. Meaning, you don’t need to punch a hole and string each card as they already have a nice place inside the envelope.

Apparently, wedding favor tags can make simple and easy DIY wedding favors. If you are on a tight budget, you can easily purchase cheap wedding favors and have them enhanced using personalized tags.

All About Weddings

When it comes to your wedding plans, covering all the possibilities available may seem like a daunting task. In fact, listing all the different possibilities could not be done in an article which would include the size, scope, budget, location, bride and groom choices, themes and all the other aspects that fall under what weddings can be.

However, there are basic ways to break down the different parts of the wedding so that you can plan for each one of them.

– Size: How many guests do you want to have at your wedding

– Style: Classic, elegant, simple, and more

– Location: In a church, outdoors, or other venue

– Budget: Weddings can cost from a couple of hundred to tens of thousands dollars and more

In addition, there are the colors, themes, music and other aspects that reflect the personality and style of the happy couple.

It is important to remember that the wedding is not just a single-day event, but one that really starts when the invitations are set out, the bridal shower, dinner or reception and more that happens over the course of several weeks. So, the better that you plan the wedding as a whole, the more successful it will be. You may do it all yourselves or hire a wedding planner, but in either case you will need to ensure that everything is carried out properly.

Important Aspects of the Wedding

Of the many aspects that your wedding will encompass, here are the most important areas that you’ll need to cover so that everything goes as well as possible.

Time: You’ll need time to plan the wedding which means starting right after the engagement is made. You need to set aside time to do the following;

– Brainstorm

– Discuss all the possibilities

– Look over the potential issues

– Have fun planning with less stress

Time is arguably the most crucial element as if you use the time wisely to plan and prepare, you will run into fewer issues and be able to better handle unexpected situations.


You will need to prioritize your wedding and break it down into different categories that include absolutely essential, very important, somewhat important and least important. This way, you can go down the list in the right order to ensure that what must be done is taken care of properly.

The absolute essentials of the wedding are the date, number of guests, budget, location, wedding vendor or provider, priest or preacher, and time of day. If you can take care of this list, then your wedding will avoid having major issues which might stop the whole thing.

Other aspects such as the florist, photographer, cake, attire, menu and beverages, invitations, wedding videographer and musicians or music are also important, but can be handled after you take care of the essentials. Finally, everything else that includes, but is not limited to the gifts for those who assist in your wedding, selection of music, favors, centerpieces, readings and so forth can be given attention after the important items are properly handled.