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All About Wedding Favors and Wedding

A wedding is a great occasion when friends and family members come together to celebrate the union of two people committed to each other. During the occasion, everyone is focused on the bride and groom. When the ceremony ends, every one leaves to go back to their homes and in many cases that is the end of the day. As the bride and groom, it is always good to take the time to thank the guests who took time away from their busy schedules to grace your occasion. Wedding favors are gifts or tokens of appreciation given to the guests at the end of the ceremony. These wedding favors should be chosen based on the theme of the wedding and your relationship with the guest.

Also known as wedding guest favors, these gifts have become part of the wedding reception planning. Deciding on which favors to give is not a difficult task. Wedding guest favors reflect on the personality of the bride and groom therefore if you are a simple person, try homemade gifts. Different cultures have different traditional favors that they use, therefore decide on whether you would like to follow culture or use modern ideas.

The distribution of wedding favors started thousands of years ago. It has been said that ever since the 16th century, brides and grooms have been giving favors to their guests. Despite the different cultures we have today, there are similarities. For example, it is common in many cultures to offer wedding guest favors that have five candles representing different wedding wishes. If you read more on the history of these favors, you will realize that back then guests were given a box, which contained sugar cubes or confections. These gifts symbolized royalty and wealth because sugar was expensive during that time.

The tradition of wedding favors has evolved and these days we see sophisticated, themed and personalized gifts. When planning on which wedding favors to give price does not need to be a problem. There are inexpensive wedding favors on the market that will definitely please the guests. One of the favors often seen at Italian weddings is Jordan almonds. These sugarcoated almonds are wrapped and ready for you to distribute. To represent the five wishes, they suggest you distribute five almond pieces to each guest. You can also give a deck of cards, seashells, bookmarks, Liquors, tree seedlings or personalized candy bars. When choosing the best ideas for favors the list is endless.

It is important to study the history of wedding guest favors to fully understand why they are given and what they symbolize. As you take part in this tradition, keep in mind that the main reason you are offering these gifts is not to show how much you have to spend but rather to remind the guest that you were happy to see them at your wedding. Everyone would like to have a memento to take home after the wedding to help them remember what a great day it was.