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Wedding stationary sets should show that you have exactly the same style as the actual wedding itself. Casual invites are essential if you have an informal wedding. If you will have a beach wedding then this should be coordinated with the wedding invites. The rationale for this is to provide your guests an idea of the things they could expect at the wedding celebration. Many things could be said from something as simple as a plain, white wedding invitation.

You can budget a lot of money by doing a bit of research. If you want good quality wedding invites at a great price, then go shopping online. So when you order your invitations, be sure to order extra in case you have last minute attendees to invite. Additionally, you’ll want to keep several as souvenirs for your own sake. Remember to make sure all of the spelling and the date, time, and locations are correct before actually putting your order.

Buy your wedding invitation as soon as you have the wedding date, time and wedding ceremony and reception locations reserved. You need to supply the printer time to print the invitations and inform development to you. You have to give yourselves time to address the envelopes. You need to give yourselves time to fill the envelopes with the invitations and response cards.

You need to decide on other items in addition to the wedding invitations. You should determine if you want to take into account the following elements of wedding stationary: RSVP cards, return address printed on the invite and response card envelopes, directions and maps.

The wedding invitation should be distributed six to eight weeks prior to your wedding so that the guests will be given ample time to plan their trip and send in their RSVP. You need the guests’ reply to confirm with the caterer the exact headcount of your expected guests a week before the wedding. Before the eight week mark, the entire wedding stationary set should be in hand and have all information like directions and accommodations printed out. You should have the envelopes addressed. When mailing your wedding invitations to the post office you have to weigh it to discover how much postage is required per envelope. You can buy beautiful stamps for your wedding invitations. You should include postage on the response card envelopes so that your friends and family may send back their replies.

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Wedding favor tags are often used for several reasons, one of those is tags add a personal touch on the favors and enhance the overall appearance of the souvenirs. A personalized wedding favor can make a special keepsake of the wedding. For some instances, tags help identify what the favors really are, like whether they are seed packets, tea sachets, scented soap, scented candles, etc. Most couples prefer tags that fit the theme of their wedding. Chances are, they will have the tags be customized according to the theme they want for their wedding day.

Wedding favor tags are commonly made from special paper or mini note cards. These are usually the least inexpensive options, although the may still vary depending on the next step you want to do like embossing or adding special designs. Other than those materials, wedding favor tags may also come in the form of vellum, stiff cloth, ribbon, customized foils, adhesive backed paper, sticker, and labels.

When you are choosing tags for your wedding favors, look for the choices that will partly determine the favors you want to use and give out. For example, if you opt to have small tins of candies or candles, personalized label or stickers are perhaps the best options than others. However, if you want to use Chinese takeout boxes, then these favors might work best with small hanging tags.

Speaking of hanging tags, these types are most likely the favorite of all as they can work well with a variety of favors that couples may want for their wedding. The are versatile enough to personalize and enhance the look of a simple wedding keepsake. Hanging tags are very to affix as you may only need a silk ribbon, curling, ribbon, cotton string, lace, or raffia to hang a hole-punched little card onto the favor of your choice. Hanging tags come in almost all shapes of special paper or card, including square; rectangle, heart, circle, and so on. You can also find tags that were creatively cut to fit various wedding theme or holiday decors, such as maple leaf for fall weddings, flowers for spring or garden wedding, holiday ornaments for Christmas weddings, snowflakes for winter weddings, and many more. Hanging tags often work well with favor bags, on the handles of mini pails or buckets, Chinese takeout boxes, and favors packaged in organza or tulle.

On the other hand, if you want to include more wording to your tags, it would be best if you will use mini cards as you can print the words on both sides of the cards. You can also punch a hole on the top of the cards so you can also hang them, if that’s what you want. Again, you can use ribbons or other decorative string to affix the cards on the favors. Another option is to put the cards in envelopes that are pasted on the souvenirs. Meaning, you don’t need to punch a hole and string each card as they already have a nice place inside the envelope.

Apparently, wedding favor tags can make simple and easy DIY wedding favors. If you are on a tight budget, you can easily purchase cheap wedding favors and have them enhanced using personalized tags.

All About Weddings

When it comes to your wedding plans, covering all the possibilities available may seem like a daunting task. In fact, listing all the different possibilities could not be done in an article which would include the size, scope, budget, location, bride and groom choices, themes and all the other aspects that fall under what weddings can be.

However, there are basic ways to break down the different parts of the wedding so that you can plan for each one of them.

– Size: How many guests do you want to have at your wedding

– Style: Classic, elegant, simple, and more

– Location: In a church, outdoors, or other venue

– Budget: Weddings can cost from a couple of hundred to tens of thousands dollars and more

In addition, there are the colors, themes, music and other aspects that reflect the personality and style of the happy couple.

It is important to remember that the wedding is not just a single-day event, but one that really starts when the invitations are set out, the bridal shower, dinner or reception and more that happens over the course of several weeks. So, the better that you plan the wedding as a whole, the more successful it will be. You may do it all yourselves or hire a wedding planner, but in either case you will need to ensure that everything is carried out properly.

Important Aspects of the Wedding

Of the many aspects that your wedding will encompass, here are the most important areas that you’ll need to cover so that everything goes as well as possible.

Time: You’ll need time to plan the wedding which means starting right after the engagement is made. You need to set aside time to do the following;

– Brainstorm

– Discuss all the possibilities

– Look over the potential issues

– Have fun planning with less stress

Time is arguably the most crucial element as if you use the time wisely to plan and prepare, you will run into fewer issues and be able to better handle unexpected situations.


You will need to prioritize your wedding and break it down into different categories that include absolutely essential, very important, somewhat important and least important. This way, you can go down the list in the right order to ensure that what must be done is taken care of properly.

The absolute essentials of the wedding are the date, number of guests, budget, location, wedding vendor or provider, priest or preacher, and time of day. If you can take care of this list, then your wedding will avoid having major issues which might stop the whole thing.

Other aspects such as the florist, photographer, cake, attire, menu and beverages, invitations, wedding videographer and musicians or music are also important, but can be handled after you take care of the essentials. Finally, everything else that includes, but is not limited to the gifts for those who assist in your wedding, selection of music, favors, centerpieces, readings and so forth can be given attention after the important items are properly handled.

Different Facts About Wedding Favors

Giving wedding favors to the wedding guests has been an old tradition dated back during the time of European aristocrats. Early wedding favors usually come in small, simple boxes and were made of different materials of various kinds, and usually contain sweet treats of some kind. The entire gesture symbolizes appreciation towards guests who shared their precious time to celebrate the marriage couple.

Whether you are planning for a formal or less formal wedding, you are sure to find an endless variety of wedding favors to choose from. A good choice of favor should be according to the type of wedding you are planning to have, as well as reflects both you and your spouse’s personality. For example, if you are planning a formal or conventional wedding, then you need to choose wedding favors accordingly. You may consider items that involves delightfully handmade tulle or organza favor boxes containing edible treats such as colored jelly beans, candies, mints and coated almonds. Edible treats can be formed or molded with a wedding theme, such bell-like shaped or wedding cake-like shaped chocolate or cookie wedding favors.

Unlike before that you can’t easily find unique wedding favors, many stores these days carry unique favor ideas with a modern twist. Most manufacturers today were already aware of wedding favor trends that’s lucky are the couples who are planning a unique wedding and wants to give out unique wedding souvenirs as well. Unique wedding souvenirs come in different themes, shapes, styles, packaging and presentation. Anything from measuring spoons to lip balms is conceivable to have a unique touch that isn’t usually found in a conventional souvenir.

Because seasonal weddings are a trend nowadays, of course, there are also seasonal wedding favors that can fit to any type of season. Be it a summer, fall or winter wedding, you are sure to find a variety of seasonal favors that fits to your wedding theme. Summer weddings are often held beaches, so matching souvenirs include something that has a beach-like adornments, such as seashells, sands, pebbles and the likes. Additionally, flip flops, beach hats and sun glasses can even make a fun wedding memento of beach wedding.

For a fall wedding, of course, there are also fall themed wedding favors to choose from. Popular choices include a feature of maple leaf, as well as fall colors. You may consider soap or candles with a maple leaf- like shape as well as seasonal fruit jams for your fall wedding.

For a winter wedding, winter themed favors ranges from snow balls, snow flakes shaped items to even Christmas themed souvenirs.

Ideal for wedding on a budget, you can also find practical wedding favors that are often at reasonable prices. There are also opportunities that lets make your own souvenirs, which is often a very cost effective idea for those who have a limited budget.

Answers About Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a very daunting task. What with time constraints and budget concerns, some couples choose to leave some of the more important aspects out of their wedding completely. Photography should not be one of them.

In this article, we will address some basic topics on wedding photography that every couple should know when planning their special day.

How far in advance should I book a photographer for my wedding?

Many photographers recommend booking a photographer as soon as you get engaged, or at least until you know the wedding date. It is suggested that the engaged couple book 8-12 months in advance because many studios book wedding dates quickly.

Weddings are more prominent from May to October when the weather is most favorable. If you choose to hold your wedding within this period, the photographer you choose will likely require a non-refundable deposit or retainer fee to hold your wedding date.

This ensures that you will have this studio or photographer on your desired date, as well as securing a job for your photographer. The sooner you book your photographer, the more likely you are to be able to work with your first choice.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional?

The main advantage to hiring a professional wedding photographer is experience. Most wedding photographers have experience dealing with many different individuals and difficult personalities.

They have faced unfavorable weather conditions, and encountered technical problems. Since they specialize in photography, they are well equipped to handle various wedding sizes or photo demands.

Unlike a friend or relative of the couple, a professional photographer’s main goal is capturing candid moments on film. Knowing they are depended on delivering superior photos that will be cherished for years to come, they are less apt to be carried away by aspects of the ceremony.

With an event that allows no second chances, hiring a professional is a good investment that will help keep your memories of your special day around for years.

Which one is better, digital or film?

It will all really depend on what the photographer that you choose prefers. Digital is usually less costly than film. However, film can be scanned at a higher resolution when larger prints are desired, and it is ideal for fast moving subjects due to faster shutter speeds on 35mm cameras.

On the other hand, digital prints come out the same as film, sometimes even better. With digital photography there are no negatives so there is no processing time at all, and less chance of damaged or lost film, or photo finishing problems.

Digital photos can be easier to share with friends or family through emails, and online galleries. In addition, digital images are not likely to fade because they are usually stored on a CD or disk.

Either way, if you really enjoy a photographer’s work, choosing which format to use for your wedding day should not be a huge problem.

What kind of photo styles do photographers usually use at weddings?

Photographers use two main styles at weddings. The first one is traditional or portrait style, the formal poses of the bridal party, family, and friends of the couple. There are little to no candid photographs with this style. The other technique that is used is photojournalistic style.

This is a more contemporary and modern. It is about snapping up photos of spontaneous moments, and sincere emotion. It is taken with very little direction from the photographer. There are two other styles that are not as commonly used as Traditional and photojournalistic, and they are illustrative and creative photography.

Illustrative photography is usually set up like a commercial photo shoot. The types of photos captured in this style are similar to those seen in magazines and even billboards.

With creative photography, photographers have the freedom, using different lighting and different angles, to create their own artistic interpretation of your wedding day.

After I have chosen a photographer, what other questions should I ask him or her?

Once you have made a commitment to a photographer of your liking, there are still more questions you need to ask. With larger studios especially, you should ask whether you will be working directly with the photographer you first talked to.

Ask to meet with the person who will actually be taking photos of your wedding. You may also want to ask how long your photographer has been in business, or how many weddings of your size they have worked with in the past, and if they have liability insurance.

You might like to ask him or her how long it will take to get the proofs back to you or their rate for printing extra photos and albums. You should definitely inquire about their back up plan and arrangements for any unforeseen changes. As well as any refund or cancellation policies they may have.

Questions and Answers About Wedding

Q: Are there any types of creative wedding favors that I can make myself?

A: With a little bit of ingenuity and a few helping hands, making your own wedding favors are an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your wedding day. If your guest list is on the large side, you may want to enlist the help of friends and family as well as the bridal party to make things a little easier. Visit your local craft stores or explore the internet for a host of ideas and then think of this time as a chance to unwind in good company while creating your beautiful and unique favors.

A few simple ideas for inexpensive, do-it-yourself favors are cookies in a jar tied with a like-colored ribbons, or mason jars filled with homemade preserves along with personalized labels that are easy enough to make at home using a computer and a color printer.

Q: Are there any small but unique items that I can give to my guests as wedding favors?

A: You’re only limited by your own imagination, especially if you’re having a theme wedding, when it comes to ideas for favors. For summer nuptials try handing out sunglasses, sparklers, or small bottles of sunscreen wrapped in pretty fabrics that match your gowns. Spring weddings are ideal for giving out packets of flower seeds, bulbs, seedlings or tree saplings. Or perhaps you and your fiancĂ© met at work, you could then hand out appropriately colored post-it notes, highlighters, pencils, pens and other office-type supplies.

Other small items that can be specifically tailored to your own wedding are pretty, miniature bars of soaps, trinkets and knickknacks, wine, gourmet jelly beans or other foods such as cakes or pastries. Shot glasses, yo-yo’s or other small games along with lottery tickets are also creative ideas for fun wedding favors. Brainstorm with the bridesmaids to come up with something that is viable but that’s also uniquely all your own.

Q: What type of favors are best for personalizing?

A: While the date of the nuptials should always be included, most couples prefer to have their full names as opposed to just their initials or monograms printed on their favors. For this reason it’s important to choose an item that will allow room for all of the necessary characters without appearing crowded.

The artistically inclined can also produce a truly one-of-a-kind favor by creating a logo using favorite colors and perhaps a combination of the bride and groom’s astrological signs or initials. Mugs, wine glasses, picture frames and pens are just a few items that are commonly personalized for wedding favors.

Q: Is it acceptable to forgo the tradition of favors completely?

A: While it is a lovely and appreciated gesture on your part, it is not absolutely necessary to provide wedding favors for your guests. If you choose to eliminate favors from your reception, consider showing your appreciation in other ways such as making a donation to your favorite charity in the name of each of your guests instead. A small but beautifully decorated note card at each place setting is a great way to inform guests of your special “gift” to them.

Or, for a different but amusing twist, you could set up small games on the tables for people to keep as mementos of the day such as dominoes, checkers, chess, and cards. This encourages guests to socialize and have fun, especially while waiting for your grand entrance.

What You Should Know About Wedding

Nowadays, a wedding reception is a well-structured ceremony, which historically contains greeting and blessing of a newly married couple and reciprocal expressions of gratitude in the form of wedding speeches. Traditionally, there are three generally accepted types of wedding speeches: father of the bride’s speech, the bridegroom’s speech and finally the best man’s speech. In fact, no other speeches are obligatory, but nowadays there are no dogmatic regulation in any sphere of human activities and wedding ceremony becomes increasingly liberal and includes numerous “irregular” activities. New wedding speakers have emerged as a result and new approaches to designing a wedding speech are created under the influence of star weddings and films.

There are several different types of wedding speeches that can take place during the wedding reception:

o The Best Man: The speech of the Best Man is often longer and more formal than any of the other speeches. It often ends with an invitation for guests to join the Best Man in a toast. However, the speeches of Best Man vary widely from wedding to wedding.
o The Maid of Honor: The Maid of Honor is often expected to give a speech after the Best Man. Usually the Maid of Honor speech will talk about the couple and will lead the guests in a toast.
o Parents of the Bride and Groom: Like the Best Man and the Maid of Honor the parents of the Bride and Groom will often deliver longer wedding speeches. In many cases these speeches will wish the couple much joy and will reflect on the bringing together of two families.
o Bridesmaids and Ushers: The Bridesmaids and ushers may present a wedding speech together or individually as friends of the Bride and Groom. Bridesmaids and ushers are not always expected to give speeches at weddings but it is a good idea if you are a Bridesmaid or usher at a wedding to be prepared to give a speech.
o The Bride and Groom: After the wedding party has presented their wedding speeches the Bride and Groom may wish to offer their own speeches as well. They will usually thank their parents and anyone else who went out of their way to help them plan the wedding.
o Often the Bride and Groom will also use their wedding speeches to declare their love, express their hopes for the future, and to reflect on the special occasion. The speeches of the Bride and Groom are very anticipated by the wedding guests and often can get quite emotional.
o Guests of the Wedding: Guests are often invited to give wedding speeches at a wedding.

About Wedding Entertainment

Professional wedding entertainers know that there are many false beliefs about what is needed (or not) to create a successful party atmosphere at your reception. Let’s debunk a few of the more common misconceptions about wedding entertainment…

1. Any DJ will do. This is like saying any dress will do, or any photographer, etc. Hiring the best wedding entertainer is important when your party’s ambiance, energy and success depend on his ability to be a great emcee, coordinator, DJ, and predictor of an audience’s mood & tastes. A great wedding DJ constantly thinks on his feet and is able to provide the best music for the moment, has a professional attitude and offers years of experience entertaining at weddings.

2. Hire a friend to DJ your wedding. Friends don’t let friends hire them to DJ their wedding! Unless he is a professional wedding DJ, a friend will be more inclined to participate in your party than work to make the evening fun for others. If you hire a friend, it’s important to have a signed contract for services stipulating his arrival, setup and departure times; appropriate attire; responsibilities as a DJ; which songs to play; how much drink he may enjoy (none, preferably!); and many other details that only a professional can anticipate.

3. A band is better than a DJ. 20 years ago, a band was the preferred wedding entertainment choice. Not any more! A band needs extra time to set up, requires time between songs to tune, will take several breaks and they cost a lot more than a DJ. Plus, people like to dance to familiar music. Hire a cover band and it’s still not the original, recorded versions of the music. A great DJ will have a repertoire of 78,000+/- songs to enable him to switch between music genres…or stop in the middle of a song that isn’t working. A wedding DJ is a better Master of Ceremonies because he works closely with the bride and groom; knows their timeline; and coordinates the night’s events with other vendors in attendance. Most wedding bands say they will do this, but often fall short of the mark on your wedding day.

4. An iPod works just as well as a DJ. This is the one misconception that could ruin more weddings than any other. This “craze” will quickly disappear once enough people witness first-hand how bad of an idea this is. See if your iPod can do what a professional wedding DJ does for you:

o Plays just the right song at just the right time

o Plays requests

o Knows the best songs from any genre

o Makes announcements for you

o Acts as wedding coordinator

o Gets people at your party involved

o Supplies the music, sound equipment and lighting

5. Don’t play new music until the older people leave. First off, this will frustrate your younger guests. Plus, “older” people today were around during the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s. They lived through the counter-cultural revolution of the sixties. They won’t leave your party unless you forget to play songs from their era, too. An experienced wedding DJ keeps everyone happy by spinning a mix of music he knows will appeal to all generations. Additionally, great DJs will keep the volume of the music at a reasonable level, so all guests can enjoy conversation.

6. We need a “party motivator”. Games and gimmicks aren’t time worn, but they have worn out their welcome. There’s no need to put on silly costumes, throw around inflatable toys or drag unwilling participants to your dance floor in order to crank up the party. Experienced wedding entertainers know how to motivate your guests to participate without being cheesy or obnoxious — by spinning great music in a way that’s classy and fun.

7. I don’t want “typical” wedding music. “Typical” wedding songs are often played at weddings for a reason… people like them! Such standards will energize your guests and will get them on the dance floor. If there are certain songs you simply refuse to include, that’s fine…but don’t take too many tried-and-true dance songs off your play list. Believe it or not, someone that you invited will be waiting to hear “Celebration” (it’s true!). The bottom line is that some groups will dance to more traditional music than others; so give your DJ the flexibility to play the best songs for your party.

8. You “have to” play the Chicken Dance, (and other cheesy songs). Not true! The Macarena, Chicken Dance, Hokey-Pokey and other cheesy songs don’t have to be played at your wedding in order for it to be fun. In fact, it is rare that a great DJ will play these without it being a request from the bride or groom

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Organizing invitation will be very exciting, particularly if you need to make the good wedding reception invitation wording as well. It is required if you plan to hold the reception at the different place as the ceremony. Holding at the same place, you can simply include the information in the bottom of the invitation. Can you arrange the good wedding reception invitation wording? In this case, it is probable for you to use the wording if ceremony and reception are held in a friend’s home. Here are the tips of wording for any situation.

Different Venue, Different Wording

The good wedding reception invitation wording will be excellent in giving the direction to the guests about where they need to go, since the wedding ceremony takes place at the same venue as the reception. Commonly, these invitations are on a separate card that is included with the actual wedding invitation, if the reception will take place soon following the service.

Besides, you can also add a response card that enables guests to easily RSVP and gives you a proper head count to plan for at your celebration.

What about the Reception at a Different Time?

The private and quiet ceremony is preferable for several couples. And then, they will hold a larger reception later for all of their family and friends. At that condition, the right wedding reception invitation wording will allow guests recognize that the wedding has already taken place, and this event will be a part of what has happened.

Lastly, it is very great and beneficial in offering the inclusive information to the guests about everything concerning the reception. Please remember that reception can be awkward at times. You will be happy of seeing everybody attend to your great party in your lifetime with a perfect performance, right?

Debunking Six Myths About Wedding

Six Myths Still Circulating about Wedding Rings

People get misty-eyed when they see an impromptu proposal take place. There’s something special about engagements and weddings that makes people happy. You may notice even young children stopping to look at the display of wedding rings in the mall or online sites. What types of myths surround these lovely circles of love and is there any credence to the legends?

Avoid Shopping for Rings on Friday

Friday happens to be one of the most convenient days to go shopping. It symbolizes payday, the end of the workweek and the day that stores stay open later. What better time for a couple to shop for wedding or engagement rings? One myth suggests to look for the symbols of your love on any other day of the week, because Friday is considered an unlucky day. Perhaps it is a reflection of Friday the 13th.

Unresolved: Marriages certainly have their good and bad moments. It would be a shame to blame any problems on a Friday choice of rings. Choose Saturday through Thursday to go shopping and put any concern to rest.

Bigger is Better

A large diamond or other type of gem certainly draws a lot of attention. People rave about the ring and turn a person’s hand this way and that to see the jewel capture and refract the light. Is bigger really better?

Busted: The size of the stone is not the most important thing. Above all, the ring should suit the recipient’s lifestyle. What does the future bride like in the way of jewelry? It is a lot luckier to pick a ring with a gold band if that is what she likes because it shows the future groom has taken time to notice what she wears and prefers.

More than One Type of Stone Brings Trouble

Choose one particular type of gem for the rings and stay with it to avoid trouble in your marriage.

Busted: Mix and match opals with diamonds, sapphires with bezel and emeralds with tanzanite. If the bride will be wearing this ring day and night for the next 60 years or so, make it special to make the marriage last. This superstition may have started because jewels require different methods of cleaning and replacement.

Trading Up Is Bad Luck

Exchanging rings for an upgraded set will bring about the failure of your marriage.

Busted: Think about it. Many people marry before they have the money saved up to buy the set they really want to give. If you are trading up, it means the two of you have stuck together through good and bad times. This myth probably extends from the legend that taking off your wedding ring meant destroying the protection from evil spirits. Rejoice in the knowledge you are planning to continue your life together. That’s good luck!

Certain Stones Create Happy Marriages

Legend has it that including aquamarines or sapphires in the wedding set brings joy and a lasting marriage.

Busted: Getting your future wife or husband a ring with their favorite stone is a good step to the success of your marriage.

Gold is the Answer

Bad luck befalls the marriage secured with the exchange of rings not made from gold. Are sterling silver and platinum truly indicative of failed marriages?

Busted: Gold is beautiful and it has value. The Romans used iron to create wedding bands because it stood for strength. As mentioned above, select what your loved one favors to invite a lifetime of marital bliss.