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Planning a Wedding? DIY Wedding Planning Vs Professional Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners

We all know wedding planning is no less than a herculean task. A huge number of resources, efforts, expertise, and manpower are needed to make a wedding function stellar and remembered till ages. It’s because of the lack of time and difficulty of the task; most of the couples prefer to hire professional wedding planners. While there are some couples who think they can plan and manage their wedding way better than a wedding planner.

This all-inclusive post is an anatomy of what happens when you choose to plan your wedding Vs when your hire leading wedding planners in Bangalore for the wedding planning job.

1.    Management

You – In case of DIY wedding planning, you are the one who is responsible for each and every aspect of wedding planning. From selecting the wedding venue to finding choreographer, wedding photographer, catering, decorator, you have to deal with multiple vendors and ensure everyone’s working according to your expectations. When you are planning a wedding on your own, you can’t rely much on others.

Wedding Planner – With a wedding planner on your side, you have all the time of the world to focus on most crucial aspects. A wedding planner has resources, expertise, and team to manage everything which gives your event a professional touch and it’s all done for you in an easy-peasy way! Just relax and savor the fun of wedding function.

2.    Cost

You – Here you need to play the role of an accountant along with the role of a wedding planner. You are your own boss and you will decide how much to spend on anything. In a wedding, you have to make payment to multiple vendors and also have to keep account of that. When you have more vendors to deal, there are quite the fair chances that you may end up committing multiple mistakes. Also, you don’t have prior knowledge of every segment of the market so ultimately you will end up spending more than your budget.

Wedding Planner – Here you just need to define your budget to the wedding planners, rest they will take care of everything. Professional wedding planners have excellent knowledge of market and experience to deal and negotiate with the vendors. They will cut down the unnecessary cost and spend that amount to make the wedding arrangement magnificent. You have to choose the right wedding package that fits with your budget and you are all set for a hassle-free wedding.

3.    Choices

You – In DIY wedding planning, you have all the choices of the world to consider. Basically, you can get married wherever you want and in whatever style you want. From the wedding venue to the wedding theme, you can show off your creativity in every aspect and get to enjoy wedding arrangements that are unique.

Wedding Planner – With a wedding planner you are very limited in choices. A wedding planner works according to the allocated budget. Therefore, they can’t render you many choices and you will have to be satisfied with their arrangements.

We have cleared the principal pros and cons of the DIY wedding and hiring a wedding planner. Now you have to decide what suits best to your taste. If you have decided to go for a wedding planner, Shaadidukaan, an online wedding market is the best platform for you to hire the best wedding planners for your wedding function. With the help of Shaadidukaan, you can easily find the wedding planners by using specific filters like price, budget, and make a well-informed decision.