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Questions and Answers About Wedding

Q: Are there any types of creative wedding favors that I can make myself?

A: With a little bit of ingenuity and a few helping hands, making your own wedding favors are an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your wedding day. If your guest list is on the large side, you may want to enlist the help of friends and family as well as the bridal party to make things a little easier. Visit your local craft stores or explore the internet for a host of ideas and then think of this time as a chance to unwind in good company while creating your beautiful and unique favors.

A few simple ideas for inexpensive, do-it-yourself favors are cookies in a jar tied with a like-colored ribbons, or mason jars filled with homemade preserves along with personalized labels that are easy enough to make at home using a computer and a color printer.

Q: Are there any small but unique items that I can give to my guests as wedding favors?

A: You’re only limited by your own imagination, especially if you’re having a theme wedding, when it comes to ideas for favors. For summer nuptials try handing out sunglasses, sparklers, or small bottles of sunscreen wrapped in pretty fabrics that match your gowns. Spring weddings are ideal for giving out packets of flower seeds, bulbs, seedlings or tree saplings. Or perhaps you and your fiancĂ© met at work, you could then hand out appropriately colored post-it notes, highlighters, pencils, pens and other office-type supplies.

Other small items that can be specifically tailored to your own wedding are pretty, miniature bars of soaps, trinkets and knickknacks, wine, gourmet jelly beans or other foods such as cakes or pastries. Shot glasses, yo-yo’s or other small games along with lottery tickets are also creative ideas for fun wedding favors. Brainstorm with the bridesmaids to come up with something that is viable but that’s also uniquely all your own.

Q: What type of favors are best for personalizing?

A: While the date of the nuptials should always be included, most couples prefer to have their full names as opposed to just their initials or monograms printed on their favors. For this reason it’s important to choose an item that will allow room for all of the necessary characters without appearing crowded.

The artistically inclined can also produce a truly one-of-a-kind favor by creating a logo using favorite colors and perhaps a combination of the bride and groom’s astrological signs or initials. Mugs, wine glasses, picture frames and pens are just a few items that are commonly personalized for wedding favors.

Q: Is it acceptable to forgo the tradition of favors completely?

A: While it is a lovely and appreciated gesture on your part, it is not absolutely necessary to provide wedding favors for your guests. If you choose to eliminate favors from your reception, consider showing your appreciation in other ways such as making a donation to your favorite charity in the name of each of your guests instead. A small but beautifully decorated note card at each place setting is a great way to inform guests of your special “gift” to them.

Or, for a different but amusing twist, you could set up small games on the tables for people to keep as mementos of the day such as dominoes, checkers, chess, and cards. This encourages guests to socialize and have fun, especially while waiting for your grand entrance.