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Things to Know About Wedding

Wedding favor tags are often used for several reasons, one of those is tags add a personal touch on the favors and enhance the overall appearance of the souvenirs. A personalized wedding favor can make a special keepsake of the wedding. For some instances, tags help identify what the favors really are, like whether they are seed packets, tea sachets, scented soap, scented candles, etc. Most couples prefer tags that fit the theme of their wedding. Chances are, they will have the tags be customized according to the theme they want for their wedding day.

Wedding favor tags are commonly made from special paper or mini note cards. These are usually the least inexpensive options, although the may still vary depending on the next step you want to do like embossing or adding special designs. Other than those materials, wedding favor tags may also come in the form of vellum, stiff cloth, ribbon, customized foils, adhesive backed paper, sticker, and labels.

When you are choosing tags for your wedding favors, look for the choices that will partly determine the favors you want to use and give out. For example, if you opt to have small tins of candies or candles, personalized label or stickers are perhaps the best options than others. However, if you want to use Chinese takeout boxes, then these favors might work best with small hanging tags.

Speaking of hanging tags, these types are most likely the favorite of all as they can work well with a variety of favors that couples may want for their wedding. The are versatile enough to personalize and enhance the look of a simple wedding keepsake. Hanging tags are very to affix as you may only need a silk ribbon, curling, ribbon, cotton string, lace, or raffia to hang a hole-punched little card onto the favor of your choice. Hanging tags come in almost all shapes of special paper or card, including square; rectangle, heart, circle, and so on. You can also find tags that were creatively cut to fit various wedding theme or holiday decors, such as maple leaf for fall weddings, flowers for spring or garden wedding, holiday ornaments for Christmas weddings, snowflakes for winter weddings, and many more. Hanging tags often work well with favor bags, on the handles of mini pails or buckets, Chinese takeout boxes, and favors packaged in organza or tulle.

On the other hand, if you want to include more wording to your tags, it would be best if you will use mini cards as you can print the words on both sides of the cards. You can also punch a hole on the top of the cards so you can also hang them, if that’s what you want. Again, you can use ribbons or other decorative string to affix the cards on the favors. Another option is to put the cards in envelopes that are pasted on the souvenirs. Meaning, you don’t need to punch a hole and string each card as they already have a nice place inside the envelope.

Apparently, wedding favor tags can make simple and easy DIY wedding favors. If you are on a tight budget, you can easily purchase cheap wedding favors and have them enhanced using personalized tags.