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Things You Should Know About The Worlds Strangest Architecture

Most of the buildings usually have the same architectural designs, and that is why they tend to be quite similar.You will also be able to find unique buildings that will most likely make your jaw drop at first sight. Below are some examples of stranger architectural buildings in the world that are known to make your jaw drop.

The mind house which is found in Spain is another desire as a textural design that is known to resemble a fairytale village of two gingerbread houses each featuring a toadstool and numerous additional whimsical details. The house is known to have a cross-shaped window, and at the end of the day, you can be able to spot a grey and white checkered rooftops and three towering stories and attic. When you are outside the building at the gate you will find a long and winding staircase with accountants, mosaic lizard which is a sign of Barcelona and also Catalonia coat-of-arms. The staircase is usually known to lead to the rooftop of a Terrance embedded in the hillside.

In Italy we have the learning tower of Pisa which was built by a mysterious medieval architect. It is usually one of the most famous structures in history. Many people believe that the main reason it was built was because it was supposed to be a freestanding bell tower to accompany the cathedral. The construction took approximately 200 years before the building was finished. Many people usually wonder how the building has been able to withstand multiple earthquakes and even two world wars.

In Prague you will be able to find a unique building that is known as the dancing house which has an amazing structure that features two buildings. The two buildings usually symbolized to dances and the unique thing about them is that one is made out of stone while else the other of glass. The dancing house includes nine stories plus two additional underground. The most amazing thing is that nowadays the building is now a hotel and the visitors usually have a chance to be able to take in the beautiful and spectacular view of the Prague tassel while dining at the top-level restaurant. Among its unique designs is that the dancing house usually features a this company dome that is made of metal tubes and steel meshwork which is believed to represent the head of a jellyfish.

In Austria we have a building known as house attack. It has always been the center of much artistic buzz due to its depiction of the house slammed into the building side.The museum is known to be the largest and houses over 7000 pieces of modern and page contemporary art.